Partner of the firm, Alban Caushi, was invited by the Competition Authority to participate as panellist in the high-level international conference taking place on 11 and 12 December 2017 in Tirana, Albania, hosted from the Albanian Competition Authority in cooperation with UNDP, titled: “13 years of competition policies in Albania: aspects of law, economy and business”.

The 2 days conference was organized in different sessions with focus on cooperation of the Albanian Competition Authority with OECD, UNCTAD, ECS, aspects of the Albanian competition law, merger control notification and assessment procedures, competition advocacy etc.

After the introductory note of the Chairwoman of the Albanian Competition Authority, Mrs. Juliana Latifi, representatives of the Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Austrian, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian and other competition authorities in Europe and also representatives from US Department of Justice, EU Commission - DG Competition, OECD, Energy Community Secretariat, shared their experiences in matters concerning international cooperation of the competition authorities with OECD,UNCTAD, ECS, the economic analysis relevance to competition enforcement and sustainable development in transition economies, notification and assessment of merger control procedures, competition culture and advocacy, etc.

Alban Caushi was panellist in the session dedicated to merger control procedures and shared the Albanian experience from the perspective of private practice with members of the Albanian Competition Authority, Mrs. Sabine Zigelski, senior competition expert from OECD, Dr. Theodor Tanner, Director General of the Austrian Competition Authority and members of the Romanian and Turkish competition authorities. He pressed during his presentation on issues faced in the practice of notifications in Albania, legal developments and need for further improvements and harmonization with the acquis on competition adopted by the European Commission’s in order to make the merger control procedures in Albania predictable and more efficient for all concerned parties.  

Other panellists in the conference included  inter alia Mr. Russell Pitman, Director of Economic Research from the US Department of Justice, Mr. Luca Aguzzoni, Economic Analyst of the EU Commission, DG Competition, Mr. Valon Prestreshi, Chairman Kosovo Competition Authority Mr. Gorazd Rezonja, Policy Analyst of OECD, Mrs. Camelia Grozea-Knuth, International Affairs,  EU Commission,  DG Competition, Mr. Denis Matić, Member of Competition Council, Croatian Competition Authority, Dr. Miloje Obradovic, President of Serbian Competition Authority, etc.